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New themes & pricing structure for 2018
Create amazing birthday memories this year with a Birthday Party for your child age 3-12 at the Peabody Mill Environment Center!

We have many themes to choose from (see list below) or we can work together to tailor one just for your Birthday Girl or Boy. 

Parties can be scheduled any day of the week and last for two hours. The first hour is led by a PMEC naturalist and will include fun and informative activities which may include hikes, science experiments, crafts, games, hikes and stories. The second hour is open for you to organize for serving cake and refreshments, open gifts, or any activities you like to lead. 

You will be provided with a dedicated space with tables and chairs and access to a kitchenette with a standard refrigerator, sink and microwave. You are welcome to bring in food or have it delivered. Plates, napkins, serving ware and silverware, cups, tablecloths and decorations are not provided. Don't forget the candles and lighter!

What does all of this cost?  We have 3 Tiers to choose from. All parties are based on 2 hours of party time, with up to 12 guests. Additional guests may be added with a fee of $6 per guest.

Tier 1: $125.00

Tier 2: $150.00

Tier 3: $175.00 = Customized (Additional guests may be added with a fee of $8 per guest.)

Please call the office at 673-6248 to reserve a date and to discuss details. Dates are subject to availability of space and staff. Reservations are to be paid in full one week in advance of the party, and are non-refundable within 48 hours of the party date. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

Tier 1: $125.00

Wacky Water Critters (Late spring to early fall) – Come party at our pond and see who lives in the mud. Well try to catch salamanders, frogs, dragonflies and other critters that live in our pond.

Life Under Logs (Late spring to early fall) – Party in the woods with the unseen creatures. Rotten logs are a great place to observe the wonderful world of decomposers such as insects and the animals that eat them.

I Spy In a Jar - Using materials found and collected in nature, children will be guided and inspired to design and create their very own miniature forest creation.

Creepy Crawling Critters – Insects are everywhere! Come learn about nature’s tiny marvels. We’ll go on a bug hunt to see what we can find!

Jr. Naturalist – Come learn the secrets of the forest. With binoculars in hand, we’ll take a closer hands-on look at the woodlands around us and discover some of these fascinating secrets.

River Walk – Let’s follow the river and see where it flows. Along the way we’ll learn about the historic sites at Peabody Mill and what lives in the water.

Skins and Skulls – Partying with a real coyote might be a little dangerous. But we have real skins and skulls of animals found in New Hampshire. Learn what makes these animals so interesting.

Snowshoes (Winter only) – strap on some snowshoes and go for a guided hike in the snow. Participate in snowshoe races and have fun building snow forts. (note: age restricted: children must be over 7 years old)

Tracking (Winter only) – Come and learn the art of animal tracking. First, in our activity room, we’ll observe different types of tracks. Then we’ll go outside and explore the winter woods and see what animals have been there.

Nature Bracelet – As children walk one of our many nature trails, they collect small objects and stick them to their “bracelet.”

Birch Bark Crafts – Native Americans have multiple uses for birch bark. Let’s see how many things we can create from this amazing natural material.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder – Birds are beautiful creatures and one of the best ways to see them up close is to feed them. Children make a simple feeder with pine cones and food from the kitchen and food from nature.

Gooey Oobleck – Is it a solid or a liquid? Who doesn’t love playing with Ooblecks? Using corn starch and water, each child will make Ooblecks to take home. (note: this is messy!)

Let’s Go Fishing (Late spring to early fall) – Children will learn the basics of fishing and will practice using casting weights then go for the real thing and try to catch a fish in our pond! (note: age restricted: children must be at least 9 years old)

Tier 2: $150.00

Woodland Fairy Adventures --- Using materials found and collected in nature, children will be guided and inspired to work together to design and build magical fairy houses.

Wild Flower/Leaf Press (Spring to Fall) – Flowers come and go each year. Wouldn’t it be great to save some for later? Children will learn how to make a flower press and discover the best ways to preserve flowers. This can also be applied to leaves in the fall.

Life in a Bottle – To most people, a soda bottle is just a bottle. But it can be much more. It can be a hanging plant holder, a bug lab, or even a mini greenhouse. Children will choose which one to make. (Note: Each child must provide a clean, two-liter soda bottle.)

The Great Egg Drop- (Spring to Fall) — Given a container and a raw egg, children must gather materials from one of the nature trails. They will use what they gathered as packing material to surround the egg in the container. Then they will drop their containers off the back porch. Will the egg survive?

All Charged Up- (Winter only ) – Using balloons, wool, plastic combs, and Styrofoam® plates, children will participate in safe static electricity experiments that are both fun and educational.

Terrariums – A terrarium is a miniature ecosystem inside a jar. With the right balance of sun, water, and real plant life, you can sit back and watch it grow. The water cycle appears right before your eyes.

Tier 3: $175.00

Customize -
Let us bring your own theme to life. If you are interested in a theme that you don't see listed we can custom create a party for you and your guests.

* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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